The Nuremberg Trials



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  1. Great site…I’d love to read the testimony of Goring!

  2. Can You Let Me Know When This Site Is Complete…Thanks

  3. Let me know when this website is finished.

  4. Keep up the good work as you preserve and archive a chapter in world history that we must never forget.

  5. Herman Goering may have been the victim of “winners justice”.

    He was the point of contact for the Central Verein (representing 98% of the German Jews) to whom they took their concerns about attacks upon them. The meetings of 5th and 9th March (this latter in the middle of the revolution, 600 newspapers closed down, all provincial authorities taken over) were cordial and constructive.

    Only on the 25th March did the enraged Goering demand that the Central Verein attend and put a stop to the “Germany will crack this winter” campaign. That’s the meeting that was gate-crashed by the leader of the German Zionists, Kurt Blumenfeld, who told Goering that “Jews can never be Germans”.

    The Central Verein rushed off to try and stop the American and British Zionists from destroying the German economy – the German Zionists (previously just 2% of the 500,000 Jewish population) offered to smuggle Germany goods past the blockade through Palestine, using the wealth of the German Jews and depositing it with the TelAviv authorities.

    Lots more of the same in the book by fervent Zionist Edwin Black “The Transfer Agreement” – the author has never been denounced as a liar (though Jewish groups around the world decried this particular book as “sensationalism”[citation needed]). The author was disowned by his own mother, although they reconciled later. See –

    Another book implies that Goering was some kind of peacenik, at least as regard war with the British (the US not involved at this stage).

    After the fall of France (May 1940) Lord Beaverbrook and many Tories wanted peace talks with Hitler. Chamberlain and Halifax wanted Hitler gone, they made overtures to Goering.

    A third group favoured making peace with anti-Nazis such as the General Staff. Only Churchill insisted that Germany be crushed leading to Soviet domination of Europe. (“Friendly Fire, the Secret War between the Allies” 2005 Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince, Stephen Prior with additional research by Robert Brydon (d. 2003).)


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